The ultimate guide to buying yourself jewelry

The ultimate guide to buying yourself jewelry

As a woman, your goal is to be independent, know what you want and going after it; whether is a great apartment, job or vacation. The same should apply to jewelry, you don’t need to wait for jewelry to be given to you rather you should go out and buy yourself. This can be empowering, exciting or even a reward for a good day. However, if you have never bought yourself jewelry, it can be confusing therefore you need a little research to ensure what you buy yourself suits you. If you buy the right piece you will definitely be delighted for many years.

Discover your style

While choosing a piece of jewelry, one needs to understand the kind of style they might have. Choose something that fits in with that style. Are your work clothes conservative or like casual Friday? Do you tend to wear feminine things? Do you have social activities such as cocktails that you attend often? These questions need to be answered before you choose the type of jewelry you want to buy.

Basic or Bombshell

Are you looking for a simple jewelry box that you can wear with every day with your outfits or are you looking for a “wow” effect to wear during special occasions?

Diamond studs are perfect because they are elegant, minimal and have a life to spare. A simple gold chain is also a great addition to have in your wardrobe because they fit in any budget. A fine watch is also a great way to invest in your look and yourself. This can be formal or casual.

Once you acquire basic jewelry, you can consider branching out to spectacular and not so basic pieces; consider other color gemstones. You can also buy a piece that is less basic, outside the (jewelry) box, go for something bolder and colorful than your usual picks.


If you are investing in a piece of fine jewelry, you need to stay within your budget. Once you have identified the piece that you want to acquire, put aside a small amount of money each month until you have saved for that special piece.

Even with a limited budget, you can still get beautiful pieces, consider options such as buying a gold piece that does not have gemstones. You can also choose lesser known gemstones that are not a lot of money.

Protect your piece

Once you have acquired your piece of jewelry, make sure to ask the jeweler if a warranty is provided for your piece or there is a service plan available for the purchase. A warranty ensures that your yearly cleaning and regular check by your jeweler shows that no repairs are required. While no one wants to think of bad things happening, insurance is also something you should consider to ensure that you protect your piece.

To begin building your jewelry wardrobe, it is important that you start acquiring your them piece by piece starting with the basics.

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