How to organize jewelry

How to organize jewelry

If you are like me, you have hundreds of jewelry pieces that sometimes go missing when you need them most. A good example is I used to always search for the second earring when I am dressing up. Keeping my jewelry organized has helped me save time and ready to accessorize. Below are some ideas that will ensure you have a tidy jewelry set.

Keep everything visible

Keeping all ornaments separately will ensure that the pieces do not break, get tangled, destroyed or get lost. When you see your jewelry, it helps you make a visual inventory of when something goes missing or is broken. This also makes it easy to grab your favorite ornaments when you are time-barred.

A wall organizer is a cabinet keeps everything visible where you can hang necklaces and bracelets. This helps ensure that you have everything within your reach in an organized way. You can create a wall organizer by covering a bulletin board with a fabric, then equip a frame in order to create a customized organizer that is also stylish. You can use pushpins to hold up the bracelets and necklaces and hook earrings on the board.

Divide and identify

Ensure that you shop for drawers that have compartments and slots that will help pack your jewelry by type. You can also repurpose kitchen drawers that have compartments and customize the interior, label the sections to ensure that you always put your jewelry in the right place. Storage drawers can also help you separate the ornaments depending on their type.

By keeping the jewelry separate you are able to ensure that they are safe and keep track of those that wore out or broken. It also helps you to identify what needs to be replaced or disposed of.


If you cannot afford a drawer, you can put your jewelry in smaller plates, bowls or cups. This provides a fun foundation where you can have all your ornaments in a grooming center that you will create a jewelry organizer. These plates can act as jewelry holders for small ornaments such as earrings, rings, and ankle bracelets. Having these plates as a grooming center is not only unique but also stylish on a budget.

Additionally, you can recycle old and unique glass bottles that you can use to stack bangles and bracelets. An old utensil holder that will keep your jewelry handy and organized.

Well organized jewelry also means that they will last longer because they are not always trying to be untangled. Most times, we have too much jewelry that is not worn therefore this also helps when it comes to making room for new pieces. Having a well-organized jewelry unit has helped me save time and provided me with an opportunity to try out new ideas when it comes to mixing up my style; this is because when the ornaments are all visible, it gives me an opportunity to try out new ideas with pieces that I would never have worn together. Check out the store:

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